30 October 2010

Phoenix -- My New Home

What all has happened since my days in Utah; my days at BYU? Here it is:

When I first moved down to Arizona my sister and brother-in-law
were gracious enough to let me stay at their house until my oldest sister
and I got a place to live. I got to be there with them through the end
of Rachel's pregnancy, and was able to see them in the hospital
the morning after Leila was born. I learned a lot from
living with them, and I got to know my sister so much
better. I love going and visiting her now…We watch
ANTM and talk for hours about once a week. It’s pretty
much the highlight of my week.
Here is my [green] room at their house: 

This is my beautiful niece! Her name is Leila Elizabeth Martin.
She was born on 8 October 2010. 7lbs 14oz.

About a week and a half after Leila was born, my oldest sister Jeni
and I got a house in Phoenix itself. It was a relief to only
have a 5 minute drive to school every morning
instead of the 45 it took from Rachel’s house.
It is a cute cottage-like house, and I’ve actually
grown to like it a lot. I feel very comfortable in the house
And Jeni and I are doing well!
This is my room now:

 My life continues to stay very busy with work and school. It also stays
somewhat confusing as well...but it's life, that's what you get!
All is well in Arizona...though hot...it's good.

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