25 November 2010

The Day That Who-Ville Went Crazy

Ok, so I have this sister, Rachel, who is 3 years older than I am. She and I didn't do a whole lot together when we lived at home together for some reason or another.
Rachel now is married (4 years and running!) and has the cutest little baby, Leila (whom I love a dannnnng lot!)

Now...I lived with Rachel and her husband for a little less than 2 months...and I loved it! I sometimes miss going home everyday and knowing that somebody would be there. It was somewhat comforting. Although I don't live there, Rachel and I find time for some fun! :) I go over there at least once a week, and it's great. This week I got to go TWICE! :) I love Rachel and Leila (and Dave of course).

Here is what we did today:

Yeah, I love my sister. We have fun. She's basically my best friend :)

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