28 September 2010

Life Is Good Today

One month and 7 days
3 days to go
First off, let me tell you that Phoenix is abnormally hot. It is almost October and it continues to be over 100 degrees! gross. I have a job at Red Roof Inn and I've been working here for about a month now. I really feel that I am good at my job! I love to be helpful and talk to new people, so it fits my personality pretty well. I am still looking for an apartment with my oldest sister, but I get the opportunity to still stay with my sister and brother-in-law. They really are great! I like hanging out with them :) She is 9 months pregnant and I'm thinking the little girl is coming any day now!!! :) I am stoked can you tell? Anyway, I am also excelling in school, which is good...it's all going pretty easily down here. 

The question is...Am I Happy?

A good friend asked me that awhile ago...and I didn't really know how to answer, considering that I hadn't been here all that long. I find it equally difficult today, but I feel the need to expound on my feelings for a moment...maybe it will be cathartic to show them to people that care enough to read this.

I very much enjoy my job...it is a real blessing to have this job and to get as many hours as I do get. I really like my coworkers and I feel that I know almost everything that I need to for this job (which is nice for sure). I find that school is, mondo, ridiculously boring...and not much of a challenge. I have yet to actually make a friend at school...I am super quiet in my classes...which may be the problem. I do realize that I have great friends, some are in Provo and I don't get much chance to talk to them, some are in other countries and I get little or no chance to talk to them each week, and a few are in distant cities and countries only able to communicate with me via letters. I enjoy writing letters, don't get me wrong, but I just have a hard time finding time to do so. I find that my days pass relatively slow, but my weeks seem to pass decently quickly, which is  a paradox I do not understand.

 3 days though, and I will see those amazing friends that still reside in Provo. I miss them all terribly, and I am stoked to see them for the weekend! :) It'll be flippin awesome! :) Provo holds my most cherished memories and many of my favorite people. I only hope that those friends feel the same way, but I obviously cannot know that -I don't read minds. 

Anyway, that is my life in Arizona...and I still write a letter to my best friend, Macaulay, every week :) It is always wonderful to hear from him and to see how much he's growing every week! It's amazing. Life is pretty alright.