04 October 2010

My Best Friend.

This is my best friend. Her name is Nichole. She is crazy. I spent the weekend with her!
Nichole and I have been friends since we were roommates as freshman.
We ALWAYS have fun together!
Anyway, she and I had a great time this weekend (or at least I did). Even 
when we had to walk to go pick up my car (it got towed...gross).
This is a picture we took on the way there :)
I don't think that I express my feelings for people very often, but Nichole
seems to always understand me and how I am. She really is
my best friend (whether she likes it or not. lol)
Soooo, another crazy thing about this awesome duo is that we are pretty similar.
She may be short and I'm really tall, but we're the same.
I think that we understand each other very well.
Sometimes we don't get to talk for a long time, but even after a long time
we are still best friends. We can pick up right where we
left off and be laughing for the whole time!
She was the first person at BYU to see me cry, or to play with me in the snow.
We spent basically the whole day every day together,
except when we were in our respective classes.
For this I am grateful. I never really thought that I had a friend that would stick
by me through thick and thin, rain or shine, but Nichole has and does.
She is always there for me, even if I'm not talking.
I know that even if she and I are in different states (which we are right now)
she is always there for me if I need her. No matter if it's just to 
talk or if I just want to get my mind off of things here.
Nichole, thanks for being a great friend. I decided to post about you because 
you are and have been my best friend...2 years straight! :) lol.
I would cut anyone for you ;) lol.

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