30 October 2010

Phoenix -- My New Home

What all has happened since my days in Utah; my days at BYU? Here it is:

When I first moved down to Arizona my sister and brother-in-law
were gracious enough to let me stay at their house until my oldest sister
and I got a place to live. I got to be there with them through the end
of Rachel's pregnancy, and was able to see them in the hospital
the morning after Leila was born. I learned a lot from
living with them, and I got to know my sister so much
better. I love going and visiting her now…We watch
ANTM and talk for hours about once a week. It’s pretty
much the highlight of my week.
Here is my [green] room at their house: 

This is my beautiful niece! Her name is Leila Elizabeth Martin.
She was born on 8 October 2010. 7lbs 14oz.

About a week and a half after Leila was born, my oldest sister Jeni
and I got a house in Phoenix itself. It was a relief to only
have a 5 minute drive to school every morning
instead of the 45 it took from Rachel’s house.
It is a cute cottage-like house, and I’ve actually
grown to like it a lot. I feel very comfortable in the house
And Jeni and I are doing well!
This is my room now:

 My life continues to stay very busy with work and school. It also stays
somewhat confusing as well...but it's life, that's what you get!
All is well in Arizona...though hot...it's good.

10 October 2010

Worst Weekend Ever

So, it has been seriously the worst weekend ever, at least work wise. Want to know why? Here goes...

This weekend one of my coworkers was on call to work my afternoon shift in case I needed to work the audit for Dave (my brother-in-law) in the case that his wife had the baby. Well, when little Leila Elizabeth Martin was born Friday afternoon, I went to work at 1pm and continually tried to call that coworker for her to come in. She kept not answering and then turned her phone off. I called until about 8 pm and just gave up. To top off my shift, the cashier before me had given a $20 refund...without bringing any other cash in...putting my drawer short...and she CLOSED HER SHIFT! That made my afternoon somewhat crazy, but my audit worse. I don't want to get into the logistics because few would understand, but let me tell you...it was the worst audit I had to deal with to date!

Anyway, I worked for 18 hours straight, and was up for about 29 hours straight from Friday to Saturday, and the only good thing was that I now have a niece! She is cute, but it's still weird to realize that it is my sister's baby...it's crazy. The funniest part of her being born was that, as soon as I heard I wanted to pick up the phone and call Macaulay, but, of course, I couldn't...so I just wrote him about it (not nearly as great, but necessary). Also, Jeni and I found a house, that's a good thing...we move in on Friday! :)

Anyway, so back to why it was a terrible weekend?...well...the whole Friday afternoon shift and audit were insane. We booked almost every room in the hotel! Let me just say, I was completely exhausted after I got off, but wanted to meet Leila, so I found the teenie, tiny bit of energy I had left to go to the hospital and see her and my sister for a few minutes. Afterwards I went home and got about 7-7.5 hours of sleep...and well, now I'm at work again. My other coworker (not the one that ditched yesterday) decided to try to make up for that same $20 refund in the money from today...totally not cool. She screwed up my numbers AGAIN!!! Seriously, the people I've worked with this weekend have been ticking me off this weekend (if you are one of my coworkers, sorry, but it's true). Another thing, we were completely booked tonight, and they had cancelled 2 'late arrival' check-ins...thus stranding the people here, and forcing me to bear the bad news. Gosh, if only I could teach everyone how to do everything the way it's suppose to be done! Ugh. Seriously. I've only been here a little over a month and I seem to know more than those who've worked here for forever! Seriously. I just want to smack 'em! Tonight's audit was the worst audit ever!

Basically, I want a day off...a day of massages and bubble baths; singing and dancing; and naps. I could really use any of the above...but alas I work audit again tomorrow night. Hopefully it goes better than tonight! (cross your fingers for me).

Thanks for listening to me whine.

04 October 2010

Provo. The Best Town EVER!!!!

Oh Provo, How I love you!

I live in Arizona now, as many people know, but I still consider Provo my 

I drove up to Provo this weekend with my brother, Scott. We had a good time driving up and talking and such. It was a pretty decent drive. It was so beautiful and breathtaking to drive into Utah in the early morning and see this lovely view:

It was (and still probably is) beautiful! We decided we didn't want to come back to Arizona, but alas we had to; the weekend eventually ended.

Anyway, I had an amazing weekend. I think that I took my life in Provo for granted way too much. I was so happy that I got to see my favorite people in the whole world (most of them)! I got to see Megan Peterson like 3 times, which was great...she's a great friend! I love that kid. I also got to see little Ariel, whom I very much enjoy spending time with. We had a good chat about life, just catching up on each others' lives and such. Ariel is an amazing little lady...we're super tight! :) Love her! Then I got to see Timberley. He is basically my favorite guy in Provo. I got to surprise him and it was great. He and I had a good time together. I also saw Peter! Oh Peter, what a guy. He picked up and spun me around when he saw me...it was crazy. I thought I'd brake his back! Anyway, I loved seeing him! I got to see Jenn a few times, we always laugh and joke so much, it's great! She's great! :) I also saw Rachel, Kaylin, James, Brian, Javier, and a slew of other amazing people! I love them all. You people in Provo, I love you! Thanks for making my weekend in Provo spectacular! Seriously. I miss and love you all SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

p.s. keep in touch y'all :)

My Best Friend.

This is my best friend. Her name is Nichole. She is crazy. I spent the weekend with her!
Nichole and I have been friends since we were roommates as freshman.
We ALWAYS have fun together!
Anyway, she and I had a great time this weekend (or at least I did). Even 
when we had to walk to go pick up my car (it got towed...gross).
This is a picture we took on the way there :)
I don't think that I express my feelings for people very often, but Nichole
seems to always understand me and how I am. She really is
my best friend (whether she likes it or not. lol)
Soooo, another crazy thing about this awesome duo is that we are pretty similar.
She may be short and I'm really tall, but we're the same.
I think that we understand each other very well.
Sometimes we don't get to talk for a long time, but even after a long time
we are still best friends. We can pick up right where we
left off and be laughing for the whole time!
She was the first person at BYU to see me cry, or to play with me in the snow.
We spent basically the whole day every day together,
except when we were in our respective classes.
For this I am grateful. I never really thought that I had a friend that would stick
by me through thick and thin, rain or shine, but Nichole has and does.
She is always there for me, even if I'm not talking.
I know that even if she and I are in different states (which we are right now)
she is always there for me if I need her. No matter if it's just to 
talk or if I just want to get my mind off of things here.
Nichole, thanks for being a great friend. I decided to post about you because 
you are and have been my best friend...2 years straight! :) lol.
I would cut anyone for you ;) lol.