17 February 2011

Friends?!?? WHATTTT?

Ok...so I have a tendency to be bummed because I don't have any friends here...but I now have

Last semester I really didn't like a whole lot of people from school...I mean I liked them, but felt awkward and 'different' around them, like I didn't fit in I guess. I really only had 1 friend...who I still talk to sometimes, but we're not in any of the same classes, so it is very rare. Anyway, this semester my whole Abnormal Psychology class loves me! I went to sit in a different seat than normal, and the boys that normally sit in front of me and behind me said "No way, you can't move...I like talking to you!!" It made me feel...well....special...like I mattered to people here in Phoenix other than my family...now I like the class a lot better (and it doesn't hurt that I'm #3 in the class and have only taken one Psych class before...went from 101 to 266 and still rock!). I have to say, that made my day! They love me! I am sure glad too since I have to give an Honors presentation to them this semester...I was really nervous about it...until today! :) Woot...Life is good, my friends, life is good...even if you have to have a bout of time that's not so good!

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