17 February 2011

A Day for Couple's Everywhere (no couple here...)

Things have been quite good lately...more or less...

Valentine's Day found me finishing the audit during the wee hours of the morning and then talking to a good friend, whom I have only actually talked to in person/met once (3 years ago) and have only been talking to again for the last 4.5 months. He is a sweetheart, and I think he has told me EVERYTHING about himself and his life. It's fun to listen to, especially since I don't get to talk to him much seeing as how he lives in JAPAN and is in the Marines...makes for conversations in the middle of the night my time and the evening his (the evening of the NEXT DAY!!! weird...). Anyway, he randomly asked me to be his Valentine, which was all right with me, and he surprised me by having someone in Phoenix deliver a dozen yellow roses to my house that morning! They were/are beautiful!

I went back to sleep after I got those, smiling because I was definitely not expecting anything! A few hours later I got another *loud* knock on my door. I lugged myself out of my sister's nice warm bed (my room is always terribly chilly...and really bright) and opened the door to find another beautiful set of flowers being delivered. These were white Mums from my sister! *thanks Jeni* (I got her some red tulips...now we have a garden at our house! lol)

I also got a letter from my BEST FRIEND who is in Canada right now (eh?). It was short, but it was exactly what I needed and wanted to hear then...crazy how missionaries can do that, huh? No...it's just the Spirit. 
All in all, I had a surprisingly wonderful Valentine's Day. ANNNNND I didn't have to work!!! It's been a few days, but I may still be hung over on the happy :)

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