17 February 2011

Friends?!?? WHATTTT?

Ok...so I have a tendency to be bummed because I don't have any friends here...but I now have

Last semester I really didn't like a whole lot of people from school...I mean I liked them, but felt awkward and 'different' around them, like I didn't fit in I guess. I really only had 1 friend...who I still talk to sometimes, but we're not in any of the same classes, so it is very rare. Anyway, this semester my whole Abnormal Psychology class loves me! I went to sit in a different seat than normal, and the boys that normally sit in front of me and behind me said "No way, you can't move...I like talking to you!!" It made me feel...well....special...like I mattered to people here in Phoenix other than my family...now I like the class a lot better (and it doesn't hurt that I'm #3 in the class and have only taken one Psych class before...went from 101 to 266 and still rock!). I have to say, that made my day! They love me! I am sure glad too since I have to give an Honors presentation to them this semester...I was really nervous about it...until today! :) Woot...Life is good, my friends, life is good...even if you have to have a bout of time that's not so good!

A Day for Couple's Everywhere (no couple here...)

Things have been quite good lately...more or less...

Valentine's Day found me finishing the audit during the wee hours of the morning and then talking to a good friend, whom I have only actually talked to in person/met once (3 years ago) and have only been talking to again for the last 4.5 months. He is a sweetheart, and I think he has told me EVERYTHING about himself and his life. It's fun to listen to, especially since I don't get to talk to him much seeing as how he lives in JAPAN and is in the Marines...makes for conversations in the middle of the night my time and the evening his (the evening of the NEXT DAY!!! weird...). Anyway, he randomly asked me to be his Valentine, which was all right with me, and he surprised me by having someone in Phoenix deliver a dozen yellow roses to my house that morning! They were/are beautiful!

I went back to sleep after I got those, smiling because I was definitely not expecting anything! A few hours later I got another *loud* knock on my door. I lugged myself out of my sister's nice warm bed (my room is always terribly chilly...and really bright) and opened the door to find another beautiful set of flowers being delivered. These were white Mums from my sister! *thanks Jeni* (I got her some red tulips...now we have a garden at our house! lol)

I also got a letter from my BEST FRIEND who is in Canada right now (eh?). It was short, but it was exactly what I needed and wanted to hear then...crazy how missionaries can do that, huh? No...it's just the Spirit. 
All in all, I had a surprisingly wonderful Valentine's Day. ANNNNND I didn't have to work!!! It's been a few days, but I may still be hung over on the happy :)

07 February 2011

If There Was A Day That Would Cause Me To Drink...

It would be today.

I don't like to complain or whine (though I loooove cheese, haha) because 
I generally dislike the way that people pity you and treat you differently after
they know what's got you down...they overcompensate.
Well...with that said, I'm not going to complain, I'll just say it like it is.

If I were to ever go off the deep end and drink, the last 24 hours would probably have
been the breaking point, so I guess I don't have one! (a good thing I think)...
Anyway, I was in a generally unpleasant mood (to myself) last night and had to work. 
I finally got a little peppier this morning when I was so tired that I couldn't help it.
I slept for a few hours and woke up realizing that I had lots of homework to do.
I worked on my homework and a girl from my ward called and asked if I was 
going to go to FHE tonight...since she is almost literally the only friend I have in my 
ward (and yes, I know that's my fault, I'm just shy) I decided to go since she'd be there.
I stopped my homework, showered and put on some makeup...I looked decent.
She said, I think, 4 words to me...which was introducing her friend to me.
That is all.
I decided that I felt really uncomfortable and didn't know anyone so I went and 
played piano for about an hour, which was a very welcome relief, both because
I really love to play and sing, annnnd I haven't played in literally 5.5 months. 
I then came home and made brownies and did my laundry (both are still in progress)...
Sometimes I forget that I'm alone 95% of my time, but nights like tonight, I remember well.
And tomorrow off to Tucson where I get to hang out with my Mom and little younger
brother for a few days (and get a physical...lame). 
I have to say, still, that I am grateful for the few hours each week that I get to spend with my 
sister and my niece, as well as with the sister that I live with. Highlights of my week.