13 October 2011

In Trujillo

Erynn's first letter from outside the MTC in Trujillo.

So Trujillo is wonderful. I really enjoy it here, the work, the food, the people. Really it is so funny to be me here because everyone else is just so short and I am...well...not. I am also pretty white, so everyone just stares at me like I'm from a different country or something ;)
Really, though, the people here are wonderful. My companion for the next three months is Hermana Parque...like a park, which is funny to most people here. She is an itty bitty little lady, but she is awesome and she definitely is in touch with the spirit. I was having a decently rough night a few nights ago, only when we were getting ready for bed, and I prayed about it and basically just expressed my feelings to Heavenly Father because I needed someone to lean on, and I always can lean on Him. Anyway, basically right after she started talking to me and said exactly what I had prayed about...she was an anwer to a very pleading prayer. She is a great missionary and a great example to me. She helps me see how I can improve every day and I feel that things are going very well and it has only been a week!
People here say that I speak very well, though I don't believe them, but I guess I'll go with it. It is fun to teach the gospel in spanish. As a matter of fact, we met a man the other day that wanted me to share it in english and I had so much trouble with it that I just went with spanish anyway. We are really seeing a lot of miracles.
We are teaching a family right now, a mom and her 3 sons. They are really special to me and I just love seeing them walking around in the calle and just coming up to say hi to me. I really saw how much they believed the words we had to say in the first visit with them! They went to a baptism with us the other day and it was really quite amazing. It is amazing to see the spirit work so quickly and so powerfully. As missionaries, we have been set apart from the world and have been given the power and authority to act in His name, and there is nothing better. So many people can feel the power of the spirit working through us every day, every time we speak, and i love that. I am definitely grateful to be able to teach people and to share this message for 18 months. The people and the experiences are incredible and the language is wonderful.
I loved Elder Uchtdorf´s talk for the relief society when he said 'forget not to have patience with yourself'. I really need to remember that always and have the patience wiith myself that i have with everyone else.
I have to get off of the computer, but Know that I have a testimony of this gospel. It is the true church here on the earth, restored and established as that of the church in Christ's time. I am a dedicated servant of Him, my savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it has every answer to every question we could have, especially where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going next! This is a powerful work and a powerful book. I see the changes that it brings in many people's lives and I love seeing the joy it brings them. I love you all and I hope you can findthe same testimony in your hearts too. Con tanto amor,
Hermana Erynn Shearman