03 January 2011

I Need a Vacation.

Wow, did you realize that the year of 2010 is gone (I did)! I also realize that it has been a whole month since I wrote anything, so I figured I would write about....well....life.

What has happened since you last heard from me? Well, not much.

I really liked a boy, a lot, and he and I got along so well, but then I realized that he had completely lied to me about everything he was and was trying to be. Broke my heart a little. Maybe he and I will still be friends. Maybe not.
I permed my hair:

I got to talk to my friend, Macaulay for a little bit on Christmas Eve. I was so nervous, and definitely shed a tear or two...mixed feelings for sure, happy to talk, sad to say goodbye [again].
My little sister got engaged. Lisa apologized like it was terrible that my little sister would be getting married before I will...I reassured her that I would be fine.
My work schedule has been insane. I have slept very few hours in the last month, at least comparatively. Some days I don't work at all, while other days I work 20 of the 24 hours in the day (not really my favorite by a long stretch).
I almost lost 1/3 of my pinky because, while my keys were in my house door, my pinky was shut in my locked car door....had to rip it out. OUCH!
I have tried to keep contact with a lot of people, but I feel like they don't care anymore, since I live in Arizona now, so I just have eventually almost stopped trying. I am a little tired of trying so hard and loving so much when I really don't feel much love from most people (Depressing, I think so...but I had a friend that said, when I moved to Arizona, that I was "basically out of her life." Broke my heart). 
All in all, my 2010 was pretty great, mostly ups with a number of downs, but I'm doing my best, living each day as best as I can.