17 April 2011

Joining the Eagle's Nest

This morning (Saturday) I got off work, and drove down to Tucson.
Why would I do this crazy thing, being so tired?

Russell, my 16 year old brother, was presented with his Eagle Scout award today.
I am so proud, and I love that boy a lot. He's so fun to be with! 
I'm glad to have a brother like him, no matter what situation we're in, 
I know that I'm safe and that we'll have fun!

I Love to See the Temple, I Went There Last Week :)

Scott and I at the Mesa Temple! :)
So, I got to go to the temple, and my family all got to go with me! I was very 
grateful for them being there because I wasn't really sure what to do, but 
they were all very helpful. 
I have to say that I am especially grateful for my brother, Scott, because
every time I have questions about the church I can just text him and he 
answers almost immediately, and he does it with a lot of love...not
judging me for my possible stupidity. 
He even knows me so well that when when I had cried like 10 minutes before, 
and he walked in, he immediately said "What's wrong?" 
I really am a lucky girl, with a wonderful family.

08 April 2011

My Siblings and I Have a Day Out

My family, I love them.
Shauna, 18 and engaged? Love my little sister!

Russell is a stud...and 16 already? What?

These two look like my 'protectors', which is totally true!
We're crazy! But we have fun!

Rachel, Dave, Leila! Love them!!

Scott and Chels...great couple..awesome siblings! :)

Me [obviously]

Jeni, the oldest, and my lovely roommate! :)
All of my siblings, and their families!

We siblings got together to take some pictures for our mom for her birthday!
We went to a park in Queen Creek, and we had a TON of fun! It was a great idea [props to rachel]
It was a long day, but it was worth it. My mom was surprised and she loved them! :)