02 December 2010

A Tribute

Macaulay Jacob Wilson, aka My Missionary
I have not shared this picture with many people, but many would say
that it looks like a postcard.
I agree :)

Anyway, why blog on this day, December the second, 2010? Well I have my reasons :)

Ok...so exactly 6 months ago my best friend, Macaulay, left on a mission.
He is serving in the Toronto, Canada West mission.
I was always told that the first 6 months are the slowest
and the hardest...but dang did they fly by.
He has learned and grown so much out there, I don't think I can
keep up! Holy Smokes. 
Anyway, I'm grateful that he is out serving a mission, he is doing 
the Lord's work! I am very proud of him. What a wonderful 
guy! November 21st marked the year mark from when we
started dating up there at BYU. It's been a great year, 
and even a wonderful 6 months.
I've seen a lot of girls send out missionaries...and I've seen a lot
of heart ache...I, however, am doing well! Excelling even! 
Ok...let's get real. I do miss him, every day at least a little,
But I don't live my life wishing he was here...I try to live my life to the 
fullest every day. Life is worth it!